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For "mere pocket change", you can guarantee that your customers will see you as a leader of your trade by your attention to detail in customer service and making them feel that you care about them…

The Original CleanBoot®

Discover how wearing a simple reusable overshoe
can save you thousands of dollars in lost customers...

  • Give your customers an amazing first impression
  • Keep your work boots on to avoid accidental injuries
  • Show your customers that you are a true professional

The Original CleanBoot® Gives the Best First Impression to Win Customers for Life!

Wearing your CleanBoot® overshoes means you can guarantee your customers....

  • Are delighted and impressed by your first impression (people buy from people they like) and that is key to winning business over the competition time and time again.

  • You can keep your work-boots on to avoid injury from accidents, while still maintaining cleanliness.

  • You are also ensuring that with your Cleanboot Overshoes on you can still maintain Workers Safety Requirements by wearing the appropriate safety boots for the environment that you are in.

"Wore Cleanboots and tidied up after...
I'm very happy"

“You did 110% at your job. I thought you were very good and wore a name tag, Cleanboots and tidied up after. I’m very happy”

Mrs. Clarke - Glenwood

"He did wear the Cleanboot and when I need a plumber, you will be my first call”

“I’m very happy with the job, you cleaned up and were efficient. He did wear the Cleanboot and when I need a plumber, you will be my first port of call”

David - West Pennant Hills

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Choose Your Size, pay $27.97 for first pair and $19.97 for every next pair

Created by David Hall
Tradesman & Inventor

My name is David Hall I’ve been a maintenance plumber for 20 years. I’ve run a domestic plumbing maintenance company in Sydney since 1998. Five years ago I realised that successful domestic maintenance plumbing in the 21st century is different. 21st century plumbers will need 21st century thinking.

It’s not enough to be a good tradesman any more …. or even to be the best at what you do.

There are thousands of good, very good and even outstandingly talented people in your trade competing with you and each other. Clients know that "dud" tradesmen just don’t survive in the marketplace, especially under tougher economic times. Sure any reputable tradie will "do the job" satisfactorily.

That’s not enough.

Even the best tradesmen need something more to be successful. You need to be totally customer focused. In particular, research shows you need to turn up on time and leave your clients’ floors spotless. Lateness and marked floors infuriate clients.

The World’s Unique Carpet Protection Overboot – My Guarantee to You

I can’t help you turn up on time, but I can guarantee you’ll never mark a carpet or polished floor again. All it costs is "pocket Change’, (or far less than you charge for only 1 hour’s work), to wear a pair of The Original CleanBoot Overshoes: The World’s Unique Carpet Protection Overboots.

I designed the Original CleanBoot Overshoes myself and have tested them in my own business for 5 years, and Customers love them.

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"The Original CleanBoot® - it proves to the customer that I care about their property."

What People Are Saying

About The Original CleanBoot®

John, Dundas

“I called to say that the job was excelled and I thought the Cleanboot was fantastic”

Peter, Baulkham Hills

“The Clean Plumber team was unbelievable. They wore Cleanboots over their boots and cleaned up. My wife could not believe it”

Jenny, Hurstville Grove

“I loved the Cleanboots and would actually like to purchase a pair myself! Damien was lovely and a gentleman”.

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“I rang to say how delighted I was with Tristan and the Cleanboots. He was most helpful”

Verdina, Oyster Bay

“The plumber Jeff did wear his Cleanboots and kept me informed. He also did a good job of plumbing. Thank you”

Barry, Oatlands

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